Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

RC Pensis™ – First Peek


As some of you may know, we’ve been working on several new dietary supplement ingredients over here at MN. I think it is about time we begin talking about them!

This first ingredient is RC Pensis™ (Ruta Chalepensis extract), a new herbal ingredient to sports nutrition that has testosterone stimulating, insulin mimetic, and nitric oxide enhancing effects. This ingredient initially came to our attention by Shawn Wells, who we cooperated with to develop this into a patentable high quality ingredient for the industry to use. RC Pensis will be showcased in the upcoming TEST FACTOR testosterone booster, which will be available from Molecular Nutrition next month. This will be one of two brand new ingredients that will be in the product.

In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing marketing information that will have references to the pharmacological properties of this efficacious herbal medicine. For now, I think identification if the ingredient is enough to get the ball rolling. If any sports nutrition companies out there want to know more about this (we will be entering into select partnerships), please contact me!


3 Responses to “RC Pensis™ – First Peek”
  1. edgerallenpoe2 says:

    Very interesting supplement can’t wait to hear the results

  2. basskiller says:

    Sounds great, But with the way the FDA is going, by the time it hits the market..They’ll want it removed.
    Best of luck William

  3. When I first read this post I thought it was about a remote control penis :-)