Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Axiron (Lilly) is one of the most recent testosterone medications to gain FDA approval for prescription sale in the United States. This came around the same time we saw approvals for Fortesta, Bio-T Gel, and AndroGel 1.62%. Axiron delivers the hormone testosterone through the skin like these other topical testosterone gels, although in this case […]

More good news for aging men around the world – recent reports are that the benefits of male hormone replacement therapy are catching on with physicians. A paper just published in the journal Aging Male reports on a series of interviews with doctors in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Researchers asked […]

Hypogonadism remains one of the most undertreated chronic medical conditions in the United States. The reason, you ask? It’s simple. Physicians have been slow to realize the medical benefits of therapy. Thankfully, the past several years have brought fourth a wealth of new data suggesting that testosterone may help protect against many age-related health concerns […]