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August 10, 2004 – Doping to Win (Discovery Times).

William Llewellyn is interviewed in this documentary special about the doping problem in sports. The show centers around Don Catlin’s testing Olympic athletes, in the wake of the most infamous doping scandal in history.

June 2004 – Breaking Point: The Truth About Steroids (FOX NEWS)

William appeared on the FOX NEWS special “Breaking Point: The Truth About Steroids”. He spent a great deal of time with the show producer on and off camera, specifically explaining the media overreaction about these drugs and the true risks associated with their use. Unfortunately, opposing viewpoints were largely cut from the show. This episode of Breaking Point exemplified the media’s tendency to exaggerate the risks of steroid use.

September 2, 2003 – ESPN TV (Feature Story), Outside the Lines, by Shaun Assael

Llewellyn and Molecular Nutrition are featured in a story on the ESPN Television show “Outside the Lines”. Topics of discussion include prohormone safety and legality, Olympic drug testing and the existence of underground designer steroids. Don Catlin, IOC Drug Testing Expert, is also featured in the story.

May 1, 2003 – WABC-TV, Eyewitness News, New York, NY, by Bill Ritter

Molecular Nutrition was a featured sports supplement company in a story concerning the safety, legality, and effectiveness of the new generation of “prosteroid” supplements.

March 2003 – Belo Broadcasting TV, Washington, D.C., by Carolyn Presutti

Llewellyn gave an off-camera interview concerning the controversial legislation Congress is considering in limiting availability of prohormone supplements. Molecular Nutrition gave a public statement concerning its position on product safety. Broadcast on 19-stations nationwide.