Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Bodybuilders have been enjoying the anabolic and body recompositioning benefits of arachidonic acid (ARA) for nearly a decade now (X-Factor). While the muscle-building properties of this supplement are fairly well understood, being mitigated through a predictable pathway ARA release and prostaglandin biosynthesis, the fat loss effects of this supplement have the subject of more speculation. […]

The FDA is taking action against the sale of piracetam on the U.S. dietary supplement market, according to SmartPowders owner Mike McCandless. A recent post on the Anabolic Minds forum warns of an industry wide crackdown on the sale of products containing this ingredient: “Got served a letter today. FDA is making a massive push […]

It is perhaps the largest single action taken against a manufacturer of herbal sexual enhancement products. ¬†On August 10th 2010, the FDA announced the voluntary recall of 21 different dietary supplements. At issue was the presence of an unlabeled drug called sulfoaildenafil. This compound is an unapproved analog of the popular erectile dysfunction medication sildenafil […]