Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

The potential health benefits of testosterone replacement therapy in men suffering from low testosterone levels are mounting in the medical literature. This latest study examined the potential effects of TRT after a heart attack, or myocardial infarction (1). During the investigation, castrated rats were subject to ligation of the left anterior descending coronary, which is […]

Axiron (Lilly) is one of the most recent testosterone medications to gain FDA approval for prescription sale in the United States. This came around the same time we saw approvals for Fortesta, Bio-T Gel, and AndroGel 1.62%. Axiron delivers the hormone testosterone through the skin like these other topical testosterone gels, although in this case […]

Nebido (testosterone undecanoate injection) is a relatively new long-acting testosterone injection, which is already available in many other parts of the world. It is currently under investigation in the United States. On that subject, the results of a three-year study into the safety and effectiveness of this drug in middle-aged men was just published in […]