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June 2008 – Mass Builder’s Guide To Supplementation: The Basics & More!

You want to pack on serious muscle mass? The big question: how you are going to do it. Supplements, used correctly, can be the difference between stagnation and growth. Here’s a list of supplements to use for greater muscle growth!

January 2008 – Arachidonic Acid: The NEW Mass-Builder!

Take a back seat testosterone because post-exercise inflammation is the key to muscle growth! The following list chronologically depicts what occurs to arachidonic acid after a muscle is damaged from exercise. Learn about this and more. An article written by Mike Roberts, showcased under Llewellyn’s section on due to the link with arachidonic acid.

July 2005 - The X-Factor Interview!

Since its introduction we have been watching this anabolic discovery set the bodybuilding world on fire. X-Factor is not a joke. The main ingrediant, arachidonic acid, is even found in baby formula. Are you curious now? Then read on.

April 2002 – Creating Orally Active Prohormones!
In light of the very unique design of my Ethergels series I thought it would be good to explain in greater detail my reasoning in creating such a line, and why they are not the same as many of my competitors’ products.


Llewellyn on Steroids #1 – Underground Steroids; Steroid Bridge?

Llewellyn on Steroids #2 – Designer Steroids from Japan?

Llewellyn on Steroids #3 – Reaction to Testosterone Enanthate; Taste of Dianabol; Traveling with Steroids

Llewellyn on Steroids #4 – Masteron vs. Proviron; Testosterone Only Cycles; Hygetropin HGH – Is it Legit?

Llewellyn on Steroids #5 – Growth Hormone for Post Cycle Therapy; Spot Injections; Long-Term Use of Oral Steroids

Llewellyn on Steroids #6 – Occupational Drug Tests for Anabolic Steroids, Practicality and Effectiveness of Trenbolone Ethyl Ester, Relative Risk of Long-Term Oxandrolone Cycle, Long-Term Androgen Replacement Therapy, Testicular Atrophy and Fertility, Trenbolone, Total Androgen Load and Cardiovascular Risk

Llewellyn on Steroids #7 – Proviron and SHBG, Steroid Cycles with Minoxidil and RU58841, Drug Tests and Halodrol 50 and 6-OXO, Blood Testing versus Saliva Testing

Llewellyn on Steroids #8 – PCT Required?; Longjack; Long-Term TRT; Proviron for PCT

Muscle Monthly

April 2002 – “Anabolic Underground” This is a new semi-regular piece looking at black market products. This month Bill looks at Ttokkyo Labs, the underground manufacturer Bratis, a new Brovel counterfeit, and the new testosterone enanthate from Quality Vet.

February 2002 – “Estrogen and Muscle Growth”. Explaining why the best bulking drugs always seem to be the estrogenic ones.

December 2001 – “A Closer Look at Trenbolone. Part II”

August 2001 – “A Closer Look at Trenbolone. Part I”. This is the first in a two part series looking at the structure, function, and legal status of trenbolone in the U.S.

July 2001 – “Steroids and Red Blood Cells”. A look at the role of androgens in the stimulation of erythropoiesis (red blood cell production).

Mind & Muscle

Issue 7 (June 2002) – “Understanding Post-Cycle ‘T’ Recovery” (a Part II to last issue’s article) looks at the normal physiological process for the recovery of testosterone post-cycle, and explains why anti-estrogens like Clomid and Nolvadex are not the ideal medications for stimulating the HPTA axis during this window that they are often touted to be.

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Issue 6 (April 2002) – “Clomid, Nolvadex, and Testosterone Stimulation”. Bill looks at the advantages of Nolvadex over Clomid for stimulating testosterone production under normal physiological conditions.

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August 1999 – “All Testosterones Are Created Equal”. This article looks at the true differences between different esters of the same steroid.

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Anabolic Review

April 2001 – “Understanding Drug Half-lives”. Bill looks at half-life, and how it affects the active lifespan of drugs.

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