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June 2008 – Mass Builder’s Guide To Supplementation: The Basics & More!

You want to pack on serious muscle mass? The big question: how you are going to do it. Supplements, used correctly, can be the difference between stagnation and growth. Here’s a list of supplements to use for greater muscle growth!

January 2008 – Arachidonic Acid: The NEW Mass-Builder!

Take a back seat testosterone because post-exercise inflammation is the key to muscle growth! The following list chronologically depicts what occurs to arachidonic acid after a muscle is damaged from exercise. Learn about this and more. An article written by Mike Roberts, showcased under Llewellyn’s section on BB.com due to the link with arachidonic acid.

July 2005 - The X-Factor Interview!

Since its introduction we have been watching this anabolic discovery set the bodybuilding world on fire. X-Factor is not a joke. The main ingrediant, arachidonic acid, is even found in baby formula. Are you curious now? Then read on.

April 2002 – Creating Orally Active Prohormones!
In light of the very unique design of my Ethergels series I thought it would be good to explain in greater detail my reasoning in creating such a line, and why they are not the same as many of my competitors’ products.


Llewellyn on Steroids #1 – Underground Steroids; Steroid Bridge?

Llewellyn on Steroids #2 – Designer Steroids from Japan?

Llewellyn on Steroids #3 – Reaction to Testosterone Enanthate; Taste of Dianabol; Traveling with Steroids

Llewellyn on Steroids #4 – Masteron vs. Proviron; Testosterone Only Cycles; Hygetropin HGH – Is it Legit?

Llewellyn on Steroids #5 – Growth Hormone for Post Cycle Therapy; Spot Injections; Long-Term Use of Oral Steroids

Llewellyn on Steroids #6 – Occupational Drug Tests for Anabolic Steroids, Practicality and Effectiveness of Trenbolone Ethyl Ester, Relative Risk of Long-Term Oxandrolone Cycle, Long-Term Androgen Replacement Therapy, Testicular Atrophy and Fertility, Trenbolone, Total Androgen Load and Cardiovascular Risk

Llewellyn on Steroids #7 – Proviron and SHBG, Steroid Cycles with Minoxidil and RU58841, Drug Tests and Halodrol 50 and 6-OXO, Blood Testing versus Saliva Testing

Llewellyn on Steroids #8 – PCT Required?; Longjack; Long-Term TRT; Proviron for PCT

Muscle Monthly

April 2002 – “Anabolic Underground” This is a new semi-regular piece looking at black market products. This month Bill looks at Ttokkyo Labs, the underground manufacturer Bratis, a new Brovel counterfeit, and the new testosterone enanthate from Quality Vet.

February 2002 – “Estrogen and Muscle Growth”. Explaining why the best bulking drugs always seem to be the estrogenic ones.

December 2001 – “A Closer Look at Trenbolone. Part II”

August 2001 – “A Closer Look at Trenbolone. Part I”. This is the first in a two part series looking at the structure, function, and legal status of trenbolone in the U.S.

July 2001 – “Steroids and Red Blood Cells”. A look at the role of androgens in the stimulation of erythropoiesis (red blood cell production).

Mind & Muscle

Issue 7 (June 2002) – “Understanding Post-Cycle ‘T’ Recovery” (a Part II to last issue’s article) looks at the normal physiological process for the recovery of testosterone post-cycle, and explains why anti-estrogens like Clomid and Nolvadex are not the ideal medications for stimulating the HPTA axis during this window that they are often touted to be.

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Issue 6 (April 2002) – “Clomid, Nolvadex, and Testosterone Stimulation”. Bill looks at the advantages of Nolvadex over Clomid for stimulating testosterone production under normal physiological conditions.

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August 1999 – “All Testosterones Are Created Equal”. This article looks at the true differences between different esters of the same steroid.

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Anabolic Review

April 2001 – “Understanding Drug Half-lives”. Bill looks at half-life, and how it affects the active lifespan of drugs.

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