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William’s first industry column was with IRONMAN magazine, as part of the Chemical Corner section. He remained with IRONMAN until May 2002, when he went to work writing for MD on a column-exclusive basis. The following is a rundown of his writing.

May 2002 Chemical Q&A includes a look at the new Spanish Testoviron ampules, a needle-free device for injecting human growth hormone, and an uncovering of the progestational nature of trenbolone

April 2002 Chemical Q&A includes a look at the usefulness of Nolvadex and Arimidex together, a fake box of Canadian Winstrol, the hepatotoxicity of synthetic estrogens, and a discussion about negate reports concerning the Mexican firm Ttokkyo Labs.

March 2002 Chemical Q&A includes a look Nolvadex and HDL (good) cholesterol levels, 50mg underground stanozolol tablets, the 250mg/ml propionate from Mexico called Testopro L/A, and steroid dosages used by competitive athletes.

February 2002 Chemical Q&A looks at the effect of androgens on female libido, bridging between cycles, fake testosterone pills, and mitigating the side effects of Lutylase.

January 2002 Chemical Q &A looks at the Australian/Mexican injectable winny called Stanazolic, why you should be taking orals only on training days and off days, and the implausibility of a cycle without testosterone suppression.

December 2001 Chemical Q&A includes a look at the new Zambon Winstrol ampules from Spain, the best drugs for spot growth, and individual differences in the response from the oral testosterone preparation Andriol.

November 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at the new 400mg/ml testosterone blend T400, safe steroids for Women, the current state of the counterfeit market, the oral boldenone preparation Anabolicum Vister, and the differences between testosterone cypionate and enanthate.

October 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at Chinese Growth Hormone, testosterone recovery after Sustanon, oral Finaplix use, the proper injection schedule with testosterone suspension, and the new “paper-steroids” that promise to be frustrating to U.S. customs.

September 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at Hepatitis C and injectable steroid use, a counterfeit testosterone suspension, the structural similarities between Equipoise and Dianabol, and the myth of permanent cortisol receptor shutdown from trenbolone.

August 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at the hepatotoxic oral Orabolin, a mail-order rip-off, and the myth of different “Types” of steroids.

July 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at estrogen and mass building, the anti-aromatase Arimidex, the end of Parabolan production, and explaining the lack of anabolic potency with Proviron.

June 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at how Heptylate is just another name for Enanthate, the early symptoms of gyno, marijuana and testosterone levels, and mixing your growth hormone.

May 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at using Cytadren as an anti-catabolic, a common counterfeit Deca from Mexico, nandrolone and androgenic side effects, and the risks of ordering steroids through the mail.

April 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at injecting growth hormone, and drug testing and nandrolone prohormones.

May 2001 Chemical Q&A looks at oral steroids and HDL cholesterol, the similarities with different testosterone esters, the new Ttokkyo Anavar, and how androgenic side effects are possible with all anabolic/androgenic steroids.