Monday, April 22nd, 2024

Arachidonic Acid – Passing the Torch


As many of you know, I introduced arachidonic acid (ARA) to the sports nutrition market back in 2003 under Molecular Nutrition (X-Factor). Having been granted a patent on the use of this essential fatty acid for muscle building purposes, I also worked with several other companies on ARA products including Universal Nutrition, Axis Labs, Xtreme Formulations, and Gaspari Nutrition. While arachidonic acid has earned a strong following among a core group of bodybuilders, and been very successful for Molecular Nutrition, I have always understood my limitations. I knew for some time that if arachidonic acid was going to grow to its true potential, I would need to pass the torch to a larger and better equipped company.

Today, with great pleasure I announce I have signed over my interests in the ARA licensing business to Cargill, one of the largest ingredient suppliers in the world. It is my understanding they intend to market both powdered and liquid forms of ARA material to the sports nutrition industry, without requiring special licensing/royalties agreements (something my company did require). It should be a hassle free arrangement. So if your company thought ARA was too expensive or complicated to formulate with in the past, it might be worth looking at again.

Of course, X-Factor will remain Molecular Nutrition’s flagship product. In fact, we are about to introduce a 60 count bottle, which will serve as a cost effective introduction into the anabolic efficacy of arachidonic acid. If you haven’t tried ARA yet, this may be the product for you. We may also be adding a 200 ct. bottle to our existing 100 ct. and X-Factor Advanced products in the near future. X-Factor will represent a full family of arachidonic acid products, exactly what you would expect from the leader and original innovator in ARA technology.

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— William Llewellyn


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