Wednesday, May 29th, 2024



Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying this festive time of year. I wanted to make just a quick post to let everyone know that ANABOLICS 10th Edition is finally available… and the latest edition is the biggest book yet – a full 816 pages! ANABOLICS is approximately 2 inches thick this year (it’s one LARGE book). The hardcover version is a tad bigger than the soft, of course. There are a number of changes I’m proud of, especially the new advanced counterfeit detection techniques. I think it is really going to help a lot of people out. If you want to take a quick look inside the new book, the table of contents and many sample pages can be viewed by clicking the cover below.

If you want to buy a copy, make sure you use the code MDA10 on our website at This will give you 25% off the retail price and free U.S. shipping (shows in the shopping cart as an additional $10 discount). This will be up for a limited time, so act soon. Note that due to the large size of this book this year, it no longer fits in a Flat Rate Mail envelope. As such, shipping costs are now higher for international customers. If you know a store that might want to carry ANABOLICS in your area, please contact us and let us know.


11 Responses to “ANABOLICS 10th Ed.”
  1. Jose says:

    Doc terrible doubt, wha is the REAL and I mean REAL detection time and life in the body of the Substance Boldenone since 2002 another colleague in Anabolics 2002 and other versions put that apparent maximum detection time for equipoise boldenone is until 5 months after last injection however another sources and some chematography analysis claim that even after last injections after 1 year, after 12 months the substance can be detected in the body. May you please help us answering this questions mainly for avoiding some problems regarding competition and “cleanleness”. Your help will be appreciated.

  2. Padam says:

    Hi How can I get this Book in India, Can you share the Contact address of seller in India

  3. M_bednar says:

    I heard anabolic 11 was released dec 2012 and a friend supposedly saw it in a book store. I can find it at any online store or web search. Is it out there ?

  4. George says:

    Will there be an 11th edition as well? If so, what’s the timeline?

  5. Brayan says:

    dear william

    with regards can i download 10th edition pdf file,if i can please tell me where is place for download


  6. ANABOLICS is getting better and better through every version of it. I find it really useful and impressive on the techniques and tips it teaches the readers. Thanks for informing us about it.

  7. Gilbert pittet says:

    I finaly found a library that will order “anabolics 10th édition” but for 150 $…

  8. dean says:

    not sure if you can help , i use to use 1AD this product is not made any more so looking for something ese that works , does your book give info on products like this and what works best, i live in the UK and i have tried M1T but not got any results so thinking maybe you book could help

    Kind Regards


  9. Gilbert pittet says:

    I want to order your anabolics 10th edition, but i have nô Credit card. CAN i pass by western union ? Plse Help me !

  10. Amir says:

    hi , how are you ?
    I’m From IRAN & here i can’t Find your books for buy .
    how i can buy it ?
    can i buy a good quality PDF version From your Website ?